Wednesday, 21 December 2011

From Canada : a family completed

It is every doctor's wish to be part of a client's healing, whether this is physical, emotional, or bit of both. We are delighted to have made this Canadian families dreams come true, especially after years of heartache. We wish you and yours God's choicest of blessings:

Dear Dr. Shivani and the wonderful SCI Healthcare Team,

Words cannot capture how we feel at this moment, with our healthy, happy four day old son in our arms. I have dreamed about this moment for so so long. And for much of that time, this dream did not seem achievable. We struggled to have a baby for several years, and every treatment attempt led every doctor to give us a discouraging outlook. Then we found Dr. Shivani and her clinic, it was the first time we were truly greeted with understanding for what we had been through, with true compassion for what we had lost, and with positivity around the fulfillment of our most important dream.

Many asked us why India, why this clinic and I have always said the same thing: India has a process and this was the KINDEST clinic we could find. Dr. Shivani, you helped us through some difficult times, and you have helped to TRULY heal me. The birth of our son has made me the HAPPIEST and MOST PEACEFUL I have ever been. We are elated, but after years and years of anxiety and stress and sadness over my unfulfilled desire to have a baby, it is the peace and calm this baby brings to me that I cannot believe. My baby has healed my broken heart. And, he would not be here without all the love, care and attention that Dr. Shivani and her staff have given to us, to our generous surrogate, and our fantastic egg donor. Your international coordinators, Meg and Margarida, were a lifeline during the throes of "surrogacy pains", which, although not as painful as "infertility pains", were quite significant. Also, your medical, administrative, concierge and financial staff were all so professional, kind, respectful and available. For someone who is quite private and did not know anyone who had travelled a similar path, it was sooooooooooo nice and essential to have this team. Each and every member of the team responded to my emails with such reassurance and promptness. It made having a baby on the other side of the world the most normal, inclusive and supportive process ever.

Everything I have written does not truly capture the essence of how I feel. Just know that I am forever grateful to our surrogate, our donor, Dr. Shivani and the team at SCI. The only way I know I can repay you and God for finally giving me the baby I have wanted with every fibre of my being is to love and care for my son with every inch of my heart and soul. Since, he is now my heart and soul I know that this will be easy.

We love you all at SCI!!!!

Thanks for everything!!!

Baby P's mommy and daddy: K & M.

If, after years of heartache, you believe we can help you achieve your dream of becoming a parent, please email us.


  1. What a beautiful letter capturing the feelings of a very happy Mummy and Daddy.

  2. Congratulations on this joyous news! I have read your letter, which so closely mimics what I feel and the road we have travelled. We are now considering the route you have so successfully completed and I wonder whether - through SCI, or directly, you would consider the possibility that I could email you with some of my questions about your experience. I am also in Canada. Please let me know if you feel comfortable with this suggestion. Thank you TLE