Saturday, 8 October 2011

An Egg Donor's presepctive

Not everyone is able to use or access their own eggs in the surrogacy process, so the role of our egg donors are especially important. At SCI, we are privileged to have access to wonderful donors from India and abroad.

We are aware of how much our IP's treasure the choices they have and how much they appreciate the effort that all donors go through. We are especially mindful of the long journey that some of our donors from abroad take to help IP's fulfill their dream of having a baby.

This relationship we have with these agencies  has been a long established one, and you need only look at the diverse faces of baby on our webpage to see evidence of this.

We were delighted today to receive this beautiful card from one of our treasured donors:

along with these beautiful flowers:

We are grateful to this donor and the many donors who arrived abroad for the Sept/Oct cycle and wish all families the traditional surrogacy wish, may you have much baby dust and stickiness. 

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