Monday 31 October 2011

A beautiful story of love

We are so proud of our friends Tony and Brett, who, along with their family and friends - and their four sons - told the story of their surrogacy journey on Australian television. Tony and Brett are the proud parents of two sets of twin boys, born through Surrogacy Centre India. You can view their story online at the link below

It is not easy to put one's family in the media spotlight. This moving story shows the love between Tony and Brett, and how their love made a family.

Be prepared to shed of few tears of joy  ... Tony and Brett - you did yourselves, your families and your SCI family proud!!!


  1. Wow what a beautiful story. I cried and laughed through out the whole piece. I think Tracey Grimshaw was very envious too. Best of luck Tony and Brett and great to see your from Victoria too! Well done Dr Shivani your amazing xx

  2. That's such a beautiful story! That gives many of us hope. Those 4 boys are very lucky to have both of you as parents. Congrats on the beautiful family!

  3. I read this today and took it as a very positive sign for us and our visit next week!. Well done boys! and congrats for your beautiful bundles!.

  4. Great job Dr Shivani!
    This give us such a hope for next week!
    Never forget how you change people life!
    Finger cross from Argentina!