Friday, 25 April 2014

From Hawaii, USA: a message about surrogacy and our surrogate

To whom it may concern,

We are writing to you from Hawaii, USA.  It has come to our attention that the surrogacy program in India has come under attack.  We would like to share our positive experience in the hopes of persuading the critics that surrogacy in India not only helps families like ours but is equally beneficial to the Indian people.  

After many years of failed attempts to conceive our own child, we came to the conclusion that being parents was not going to happen.  Fortunately, a friend suggested we look into surrogacy in India. 

From the beginning we were skeptical and had many doubts about how we would be received in India.  When we first started contacting clinics in India we realized this was a big business and was much more organized and viable than we thought.  We packed our bags and headed to India to see if things were real.  Filled with doubt and uncertainty we began our long journey to parenthood.  

From the first moment we stepped into our chose SCI Healthcare we noticed how much of a thriving business surrogacy in India truly is.  Everyone from the doorman to our own surrogate seemed forever grateful for our patronage.  We personally met our surrogate on two separate occasions and it was obvious to us this was a huge opportunity for someone to better their life and the life of their family.  

We are confidant our surrogate was taken cared of with the utmost care.  On our final meeting she left us with a feeling that she was headed for a brighter future for her and her family. 

SCI Healthcare alone must employ dozens of people who otherwise undoubtedly would struggle.  Needless to say there are countless “would be” parents like ourselves that have an opportunity to create a family.  Having our baby has been the biggest joy of our lives.  

We hope and pray that surrogacy will continue in India so other families on both sides of the coin will continue to flourish and grow.

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