Tuesday, 4 October 2011

From Australia :A bundle of babies and lucky parents and friends!

When people come back to SCI, to do a sibling project you know that you are doing well as a service. It brings us great joy to see this family completed.

Enough words for now,  i will let the photos speak for themselves, a bundle of SCI babies with their mother:

With this bundle of babies comes the need for practical help and the H family has family and friends come over to assist with the important baby pick up:

There is nothing but joy for all of us at SCI to be able to assist families such as these and help them complete their family and to view photos such as these and know that they are SCI babies:

Dear Dr Shivani,

We have arrived home safely and cannot believe that only 2 years ago this month we started our journey to have more children with SCI and now we have 5 beautiful daughters. We have absolutely enjoyed every moment of our Indian Surrogacy Journey.
India has provided so many wonderful memories but not least of all our memory of you. We consider you to be a very close friend of ours and we look forward to sharing the amazing years ahead as we watch our children grow up. You are an amazing woman and I so greatly value your commitment to other woman to enable them to experience the joys of motherhood.

Love Kim, Paul, Milla, Asha, Isla, Jaya & Eva H
It goes without saying that we wish this family the choicest of blessings. What wonderful photos, what a wonderful family.

If you believe we can help you complete your family, please contact us.

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