Thursday, 25 August 2011

Newest Little Canadian

Long time readers of blogs will be very familiar with Mark & Kerrie's story ( and will celebrate with us, possibly one of the most awaited baby arrivals in surrogacy-dom and the newest little Canadian.

"We are more than thrilled to finally announce the birth of our first child and proud to say it happened only with the help of Dr Shivani and her wonderful team! We struggled for 13 years to have a family and after many losses we found Dr Shivani and started on the positive path to parenthood.

We feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to both our surrogate and the SCI team. Our surrogate with Dr Shivani's guidance gave us the most precious, perfect and healthy baby girl. Life will never be the same, only better, perfect! Thank you Dr Shivani, you gave us hope and now we have Cailyn, it cannot get any better than this! Our life feels complete, finally".
Kerrie and Mark , Canada

After such a long journey, with many hic-cups on the way,we were thrilled that Mark and Kerrie trusted us to help them achieve their dream with the safe arrival of Cailyn. We thank Kerrie and Mark for their kind words and we wish them God's choicest of blessings.


  1. Being new to this blog surrogacy community,I can honestly say that you have been an inspiration to many of your followers in blogland!!Congratulations on finally making your dream of a growing family come true!!Wishing all three of you lots of happiness and fond memories for year to come..ENJOY!!
    Kathy and David

  2. Can't wait to meet Cailyn!! We will message you about meeting next week :) Have a baby play day with Cailyn and Beau! She's sooo cute :) all the best xx