Saturday 18 April 2015


Another blessed family from Canada...

Dear Dr. Shivani & the SCI team,

Our journey to complete our family was a long and painful one, after almost 10 years of heartache we were blessed with parenthood on January 24th, 2015. Words are hard to express the immense joy and gratitude we have experienced with the birth of our TWINS, blessed with a girl and a boy! These are the most precious gifts of our lives! :) 

We are forever indebted to our surrogate and the wonderful team at SCI for turning our dreams into reality. Throughout this process, we were very

impressed with the level and promptness of service provided by the team at SCI. It's the amazing team that makes this experience for intended parents like us as stressful as possible. Our surrogate and the team at SCI in India will always have a special place in our hearts and in the lives of our twins "Aanya" & "Aansh"!

Thank you from the core of our heart!

Tina, Kash, Aanya & Aansh

Update: This is us, growing so fast in 2 months! We always remember you all and can't express our gratitude for all your efforts for our existence in this world! Hope you all will recognize both of us! Please convey regards to our surrogate A.

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