Sunday, 13 July 2014

From the U.K: A daughter and the adventure is just beginning

As with most of our families, once a complicated fertility history filled their lived, but now they are focuses on their future with their daughter...

With the help of our surrogate, egg donor, SCI, Eden Hospital and many more, on the 11 June, just a little bit earlier than we expected, we were able to start a new chapter in our lives when our daughter, Eloise, was born.

All life stories tend towards starting at from birth, but if you speak to anyone else who has had or is trying for a child you will know that having a child is not as simple as it seems on the surface. Though our story is, as most people who have done or are considering surrogacy, complicated in some way, it’s true to say that now we have our daughter and the focus is no longer on the past but on the future.

That said, there are some big thank you’s that need to be said. The first and most important is to our families. To our first surrogate in India and especially to our last who carried Eloise for 8 months and has gone through so much to make our dreams come true and secure her children’s future. To our Indian egg donor who made it possible. To all the staff at Eden Hospital who cared for Eloise during her first tentative days. Lastly but not leastly to Dr Shivani and all the staff at SCI who acted as the glue on our India journey, working with the surrogacy agency, and many more to make sure that the adventure of starting a family was as smooth as possible.

Of course there are many more people we would like to thank and though not an endless list it would go on for quite a few pages – thinking of you all.

At the time of writing, Eloise is but only two weeks old and her adventure is just beginning. The first step is to get back home, though India will always hold a special place in all our hearts.

David, Szu & Eloise

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