Friday, 25 July 2014

From Canada: a fan moment for Dr. Shivani meeting one of her heros Dr Togas TULANDI

From Canada: Dr Togas TULANDI took a lecture a CME Program today in Delhi. I have read Dr TULANDI's papers and also quoted his papers in some of my lectures in India and I told him it was such an honour for me to meet him in person, I told him I have treated Canadian patients for surrogacy and Dr TULANDI says: Oh! Are you the INDIAN doctor for my patient Mrs X? Her twins were born with your help?

Wow it was an awesome feeling! I had treated one of his patients with surrogacy and indeed she is a proud mum of twins!!
Dr TULANDI then asked for a picture with me to show Mrs X back in Canada 
( PS Mrs X and the twins have touched so many lives....their surrogate mum's life and mine in such a beautiful way and brought the world closer, just awesome and win win win all around:)))

and from the common patient

Oh my goodness! Absolutely thrilled to see the two Doctors, from opposite sides of the world, that brought us the hope, encouragement and medical expertise needed to finally achieve our family, sitting together 

Dr. Tulandi never gave up on us and actually encouraged us to look at other options such as Surrogacy. He supported our decision to go to India and was so excited to learn of our success, to hear about our experience and to see pictures of our beautiful twins. 

We are honoured to hear that we touched your life Dr. Shivani. God certainly blessed us when we followed our hearts to you, your team and our Surrogate in India. The world certainly is a small place!

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