Saturday, 25 January 2014

From the U.S : A handsome chap and his fathers

A family completed, whose dream started by reading the story of another SCI family...

Dr. Shivani and her wonderful team at SCI helped us in achieving our ultimate goal in life: becoming a family.  We dreamed of having a child to call our own, and now we have a beautiful, healthy baby boy.
 If it weren't for Dr. Shivani, our beautiful surrogate and all of the amazing people at SCI, our dream could not have become a reality.  This has truly been a journey and an experience that brought us so much joy.   
Throughout our journey with SCI, we felt at ease and found comfort knowing that we were in the hands of incredible professionals. Their compassion, happiness, knowledge and professionalism is unsurpassed.  SCI helped to make our dream come true.   
We are truly blessed.  
and for those who wish to read more of this story, or the wonderful meeting with their surrogate, here is the link :

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