Friday 3 August 2012

SCI Announcement: SCI opens it's own Birthing Unit

Dr. Shivani and the team at SCI have long recognised the need for a caring, nurturing environment for parents & babies when your babies are born.

To meet all these needs, Dr Anuj Gupta and Dr. Shivani and SCI are proud to announce the opening of our own birthing unit within Eden Hospital.

This birthing unit  has been specifically developed for SCI clients; with the same attention to detail & professional standards that we have met with ISIS Hospital, meeting the ISO standards and with the same caring & professional team that have nurtured and assisted so many families over the last number of years.

We are very proud to be able to share with you, photos of our Birthing Unit:

Welcome to our Birthing Unit

12 state of the art Isolettes

The same caring staff

where your babies sleep

always available to give that extra care, away from others

Neha who many of you know via email, sneeks a peek at the latest arrival
Doctor's Office

Nursing Bay

Everything to the same high standard  you would find at ISIS Hospital

Parent's Lounge

for more information please visit us at


  1. So excited for you and the team. Blessing to you all.

  2. Congratulations to Dr Shivani, Dr.Gupta and all at SCI!!! Just beautiful!!!

  3. Beautiful, cheerful, and obviously VERY well equipped and staffed! Congratulations!

  4. Dear Dr Shivani & Dr Gupta & SCI Team,
    Congratulations to you all!
    Best Wishes always,

  5. Congratulations to the Team! We cannot wait to visit it.

  6. Way to go Dr Shivani and SCI! Congratulations.

  7. Wow that great congratulation, Dr Shivani and the whole sci team ....

    Silly question will this affect the pricing rates ?

  8. Well done Dr Shivani ,Dr Gupta and the crew of SCI. These look like fantastic facilities and cant wait to see them in person in November December! Congratulations

  9. looks amazing, congratulations!

  10. Looks outstanding in every way - The way of SCI - Congratulations to you all.

  11. Wow! so excited our babies will be born in this beautiful hospital. Looks fantastic, congratulations

  12. Dr Shivani, Dr Gupta and the SCI team,
    Magnificent facilities. Very high standards and a big congratulations to all of you.

  13. Vicki&Greg Big Congratulations to Dr Shivani& the Sci them We can"t wait see them next year

  14. Bravo ! Can't wait to visit you and all the staff. Thanks for the great work and devotion.

  15. I have been there already5 times and worked with caring Dr. Anuj + staff: the facility is unbelievably beautiful with state of the art. Congrats to Dr. Shivani!