Friday, 8 June 2012

From the US and Spain: a Daddy & Papá

We'll just let this photo and statement speak for itself. For those of you who want to know more about this amazing story, you can read about it here:

Dear Dr. Shivani and everyone at SCI --

As I write this, Olivia is asleep on my chest and Adrιán is feeding Clara near a window overlooking a Delhi skyline.  It's the morning after our first truly sleepless night on our own with our daughters, and we're a little groggy, but happy.  We spend a lot of time staring at them, as they eat, as they sleep, just letting it sink in that they're real and they're ours. 

Even under the best of circumstances, having a baby via IVF literally on the other side of the world is a daunting experience, in some ways even moreso for a gay couple.  How will we be treated?  Will two men having a baby (or two!) be an issue?  At SCI, we were treated with warmth and respect.  You and your team did so much to demystify the process for us and patiently answered all our questions over the course of more than a year, as we investigated surrogacy options and saved our pennies.  When other clinics took days to answer our questions, if they answered at all, we always received a response from someone at SCI within hours, even before we were officially clients.  That level of attention continued throughout our pregnancy.

Thank you so much for your professionalism and your warmth.  There's no better testimony to what you do than the tiny girl sleeping on my chest right now.

Much love,

Jason, Adrián, Olivia and Clara

Querida Dra. Shivani,

La verdad es que, como hombre gay, siempre había visto la posiblidad de tener hijos como algo muy lejano -- hasta que mi marido, Jason, me mostró que esta posibilidad existía en la India contigo.  Tras superar los lógicos miedos iniciales y tomar la decisión de convertirnos en padres, todo el proceso con SCI fue claro, fácil y humano, con un resultado final espectacular:  nuestras hijas Clara y Olivia.

En todos los cumpleaños de las niñas, siempre haremos un brindis por ti.

Con mucho cariño y agradecimiento,

Adrián, Jason, Olivia y Clara

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  1. Beautiful family making me cry happy tears!

  2. que maravilla!!!
    esperamos poder realizar como vosotros nuestro sueño algun dia!!
    os deseamos la mayor felicidad del mundo!!
    Raul y Fede