Thursday, 21 November 2013

From the USA- Beautiful thoughts on their baby girl...

Reflections on being a new fathers, raising a baby girl


Dear Doctor,
I guess you have heard these words a number of times, but I will never thank you enough for the incredible joy you have brought into our lives with the blessing of our adored Jacqueline.

To me, you and your staff are not a simple medical facility staff and equip, but pure miracle-makers.

We are leaving Delhi tonight and can’t wait to start our new life together back home.

 Before leaving I want to deliver this message to you and to the world.

As a father of a marvelous newborn baby girl, I want to cherish the importance of female gender, who runs the world with loving sensibility.

The role, importance and strength of the female gender is often sadly subjugated by male’s unjustified dominant social position. This is a world wide issue and there is still a long way to go before equity is fully achieved.

We all need to aim our efforts to changing the way things are today. The very first commitment and responsibility must come form the families as founding and basic cells of the society.

The change must be radical and affect society customs. We cannot ignore that women raise the adults of tomorrow and that the dominant male individuals that abuse of their social position were raised by women as well.

People’s attitude and mentality must be shaken from their very roots.

We have undertaken very seriously the importance of our task as parents, and we  committed ourselves to make sure that Jacqueline shall become an adult free from any form of subjection, aware of her incredible and precious creative power. We will never allow Jacqueline to feel bound to cultural or religious imposed role models. Jacqueline shall become the woman she wants to be, without any fear of being unconventional or different. 

The importance and richness of being different will be our legacy to Jacqueline.

Dear Doctor we will never forget what you did for us. May the world be lucky enough to experience the gift of an increasing number of incredible women like you are.

M. & U. 

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