Friday, 15 November 2013

FROM AUSTRALIA: A Family reborn

Many of our families come to us with stories of loss, this precious story is one of them...

In 2012,after losing a precious baby girl born at 23 weeks with a clinic in Mumbai and later having a negative result at the same clinic,I then decided to try another clinic.I emailed several clinics in India and SCI was one of the clinics to get back to me.

Speaking to Dr. Shivani gave me hope and confidence that I will have a family again after losing my only child (my best mate) in a car accident when he was 13 years old. On the 23rd November 2013 Ryan would be turning 26 years old, and my precious little angel Katalani would have turned 1 in October this year.

Even before I left Australia for India, I felt confident that I had picked the right clinic.

In early 2013 I personally met Dr. Shivani and after talking with Dr. Shivani and being explained the whole process at SCI (and I mean the whole process!!!!), I felt even more confident with SCI.

Dr. Shivani reassured me that I will achieve my dreams of having a family again, you might think that they were only words spoken.

But as I hold my handsome son and my beautiful daughter in my arms and look into their loving eyes, I feel very blessed that I have met the most precious person in the world Dr. Shivani, a true angel, that has given me a beautiful family again!

My dreams are not my dreams anymore.

I now have five more very precious people in my life, Dr. Shivani, the very generous egg donor, and the most incredible person in my life the surrogate.

I will always be in debt to these wonderful people my life and the other two most precious in my life, my son and daughter!!

It should be Zero to two in less than 10 months!!!!!

God bless everyone at SCI.

Heartfelt thanks,

We wish this family the choicest of blessings and celebrate their safe return home to Australia.

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  1. aunty Bev and cousin Naomi3 February 2014 at 19:03

    Not only are these children loved by the parents but by a family they have cousins and aunties and uncles who think they are wonderful, given gifts and hugs and kisses pampered over, and yes its my turn to hold them looks they are laughing at me yes when are you bring the babies so we .see them or can I push the pram , like any other baby these babies are now part of a family and always will be and well be loved By all but with that , thank you to the wonderful woman , for the eggs and the surrogate my heart goes to you , for my niece and nephew and cousins to my children and 2nd cousins to my grandchildren

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  6. I was nicely surprised to see my sister wrote a comment,
    Yes the twins are very much loved by all the family.
    A big thank you to Dr.Shivani and her very experienced staff for extending our family.
    Regards,James family.

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