Sunday, 17 November 2013

Big kid update : from Australia, our three...

We often get asked, what ever happened to.. , so now  and then we will include a big kid update from one of our families from around the globe, some reflections on surrogacy and their journey through surrogacy and as a parent.

Here is our first, a couple from Australia and as you can see a lot can happen in 18 months...

Time has flown. This time last year, hubby and I were busily preparing for our trip back to Delhi to await the imminent birth of our three long awaited cherubs. I was just about to leave my work who were so so happy for me.

 Fast forward to today and our babies are 11 months old tomorrow. They are such a delight and I dont know how I got so lucky....well yes I do with the incredible skill and professionalism of Dr Shivani and SCI and with the extremely and amazing generosity of three women our 2 surrogate mothers L and K and our egg donor.....we will always be grateful for helping us make this gorgeous little family.

Our oldest (not by much I think 45 minutes older) and smallest Sophie smiles and laughs so much it is impossible for your heart not to jump when she holds out her arms to you for a cuddle. Sophie is such a good sleeper and sleeps through the night regularly and loves her naps during the day. Sophie gets so excited when you read books to her again I cant help but read to her several times a day. 

Lilly is such a party girl. She wakes up with a smile and bounces in her cot to greet me in the morning. Lilly was the first to crawl and is now trying so hard to stand up on her own without assistance. She is nearly there . Lilly is also the first one of our three to feed herself and actually prefers finger food these days. Lilly is going to be musical as she loves dancing around to music. We sing very often to all our three and Lilly squeals with delight.

Jack is such a handsome boy and loves to start the laughter chain amongst the girls. He is growing tall and as my niece says he has solid guns (muscly arms). He loves to play peekaboo with us lifting his sheet over his face and then pulling it down laughing. He prefers to crawl on his tummy and he has surprised me how fast he can move like 

Our house is very noisy now as all three are talking the usual words, Dadda, Mumma, No, and other words we are not sure of yet. They have been such good babies I am one very lucky mummy.

Their 1st Birthday is approaching on 16 December and we are having a small gathering on the Sunday 15 December to celebrate. Their party is going to be "An anything goes Indian Theme". I am going to attempt to make an elephant birthday cake for them.

I am so looking forward to everything  in the future...all the little things and all the milestones even potty training! 

I think about our egg donor and our surrogate mothers* and what an incredible gift they have given to us. Like many of us, my infertility left me sad and with little options to have a family and my hubby and I endured this hollow feeling for so many years despite trying IVF and adoption. 

Whilst the surrogacy journey feels hard and is definitely like a roller-coaster ride, to have your babies in your arms is all worth it. I would have more children through surrogacy if I was younger and more energetic! For those starting out the journey, remember to research research and research. If you choose a clinic overseas understand what you need from that clinic in terms of communication etc. 

Try and make decisions in advance and without emotion if you can and remember to plan plan and plan. We planned and budgeted for probably the worst outcome (NICU costs and other unexpected medical costs) ...... remember you are also dealing with a different culture where your surrogate mother may want privacy, may not want you to be present at ultrasounds or may not wish to meet you. Don't take this personally. 

Finally, the other parents you meet on this journey and lifelong friendships and bonds that are created when your children are born, for our family was an unexpected and delightful blessing. 

Embrace the unexpected, don't sweat the small stuff and keep trying. It is worth it when your dreams come true. Ours did and we will be forever grateful for Sophie, Lilly and Jack. 

Love you Dr Shivani and SCI angels. See you in 4-5 years time when we come back to New Delhi for a visit xxx

* please note that cycling with two surrogates is no longer available as this is not supported by the updated ART guidelines.


  1. they are so big now, but gorgeous and so cuddly. ove the curly hair just so precious and nice to see how happy and hgealthy they are. Almost one wow time flies

  2. Love these babies they are very cute! Can't believe they are nearly one!!!