Saturday, 22 December 2012

Happy Holidays & Miraculous New Year to all

We want to take this opportunity to let you all know how much we appreciate our blog community - we are thankful for the support and care you all give and the stories that you share 

SCI sends our best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a happy and miraculous  New Year.

Our thoughts are especially with the 266  SCI babies who are celebrating their first holidays with their families.

Happy Holidays


  1. all our best wishes for the new year 2013 to all the SCI team, thank you very much for bringing joy and hope to many people and families.
    Antonio & Javier

  2. What a beautiful message. Without SCI our dreams could never have come true. I feel so blessed and so incredibly happy to be part of the SCI Family. Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2013 to you all as well. Andrew, Mel, Sophie, Lilly and Jack

  3. Lovely pic! Happy holiday to all! After a very tough 2012, I wish me and hubby will have a wonderful 2013 with one or two pumpkins in the pipeline with the help of SCI! It is wonderful to see so many cute babies popped out on this blog!!

  4. Feliz Navidad para todos vosotros, los que haceis realidad nuestros sueños.
    Deseamos que la alegría y la dicha inundende vuestros grandes corazones.
    Muchos besos para todos

  5. To SCI
    2012 has been such a magnificent year with 266 deliveries. You have made countless of parents overjoyed which you will be forever remembered. I wish everyone at SCI and to all intended parents a happy and enjoyable New Year.