Friday, 23 November 2012

From Australia : a beautiful bundle...

As with many of our families, this family spent years struggling with infertility and further years looking into adoption.

We are pleased to say that their journey is finally at an end, another SCI family completed.

Happy Family

We recently were lucky enough to have been blessed by the birth of 2 beautiful perfect baby girls (no bias at all). Words cannot express how thankful we are to Dr Shivani and her amazing team. From the admin staff all the way through to the paediatricians and wonderful nurses who cared for our babies when they were born.
After years of disappointment trying natural pregnancies / IVF cycles / adoption courses etc etc etc, our surrogacy experience was the total opposite.
At present we are sitting in the Svelte hotel, surrounded by a host of new families, all made possible by SCI. We find ourselves sneaking into the babies room to catch a glimpse of them when they are sleeping and we pinch ourselves everytime.

A special mention to our surrogate who has made all our dreams come true and kept our babies healthy and safe.
We can not thank everyone enough
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