Monday, 25 June 2012

From the U.S: a beautiful baby girl

As with many families, the journey to SCI is not smooth or kind. It is with great joy and delight when we can help families achieve their much longed for dream and finally have their baby, this is one such family

Words cannot express how thankful we are to Dr. Shivani for creating the Surrogacy Program at SCI.  We realize that without this program we would not have been able to have our own biological child.  After more than 4 years of pursuing IVF in the U.S. unsuccessfully, with countless exams, doctors, tests, expenses and disappointments, we were resigned to the fact that a biological child was not in our future. Our last reproductive endocrinologist suggested that we try to use a gestational carrier as a final attempt before pursuing other options, as the cause of our recurrent early pregnancy loss was unclear.

With no knowledge of surrogacy, we scoured the internet for information.  After reviewing many options we were most impressed with the experience and success of Dr. Shivani's clinic.  The testaments on the SCI Clinic Blog were invaluable for both information and to inspire some confidence that surrogacy abroad was a viable, and in many ways, a better option for us than pursuing this in the USA. Armed with this knowledge and with a leap of faith, we traveled to New Delhi to visit the clinic and meet Dr. Shivani and the Staff in person. This visit helped us finalize our decision and we moved forward.

We followed Dr. Shivani's advice in terms of cycling and sending our frozen embryos to optimize our chances and the end result was the birth of our healthy daughter. It is very intimidating and stressful to be halfway around the world from your growing baby but the clinic gave us constant updates to ease our anxiety. When we returned to New Delhi for the birth of our child, the clinic had arranged everything for us, including advice on where to stay, sending a representative to meet us the day of her birth, and promptly processing the needed documentation for the process to return with our daughter to the U.S.

After the birth of our daughter, we had an opportunity to reunite with our surrogate and one of her children to give one last word of thanks. That brief meeting made the whole process come full circle and we left with the thought, " two families changed for the better, forever".

In particular, we would like to personally thank both Rachna and Gourav for their professionalism. Rachna helped us so much when we came to pick up our child... it was truly a pleasure working with her. She is a credit to the clinic.

Special thanks to all the bloggers as well as Meg and Margarida for giving us the feeling that this was a viable option.

Dr. Shivani, again, we cannot thank you enough.  You have given us a priceless gift.  Thank you for giving us this opportunity.  Thank you for you taking care of our growing child and surrogate.  Thank you for your compassion and medical expertise.

We are so in love with our beautiful daughter. We will let her know how you all helped her come into this world.

 We wish this special family the choicest of God's blessings.

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