Tuesday, 24 January 2012

From Sweden: a little girl

It is with great delight that we welcome the newest SCI baby from Sweden. This much loved little girl came after years of infertility treatments and longing for a baby. We are delighted to have made this family's dreams come true.

"The 4th of January my wife and I got our love baby. A little baby girl who will be called Daniella.
I will with this tell the whole world that whithout the help from Dr Shivani and her team this will
never happened. We had big trouble to get a baby for nearly six years, but then I need to work
in India for one year and we heard about Dr Shivani and SCI Healthcare so we took the opportunity
to get a connection and make a try, our most succesful choice in our life.
Thank you Dr Shivani and your team.
Best Regards
Lars, Yan and our little Daniella"

If, after years of infertility treatments, you would like help in starting your family, please email us.

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