Monday, 19 December 2011

From Ireland: Greetings from Ireland

A lovely note from our a couple who recently returned home to Ireland with twins (boy/girl):

Dear Dr Shivani and Team,

Thank you so much for making our family complete with the additions of J&J born two months ago. Without the help of SCI, Delhi New Born and of course the wonderful R we would not be where we are now. Both babies are doing great and are piling on the weight.

It was not always the easiest of processes dealing with things from miles away but yourself and your team would always put us at ease and diffused the queries we had when we met face to face. You never know that in the future we maybe back for a sibling project.

Best wishes B, D, J and J.

As with all our families, we wish this family the choicest of God's blessings.

If you believe we can help you acheive your dreams of having a baby, please email us.

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