Thursday 23 June 2016


*This was written on the 19/06/15 @ 12:01am.

This day last year (19th day of June 2016) Enda and I's world changed for a lifetime. What a wonderful change it has been, we welcomed our son into the world. He has brought nothing only joy, happiness, love, laugher, tears and many a sleepless night.
But not for the world would we change a moment. He has taught us how to live again. With each smile he brightens up our day, and makes it all worthwhile. He is our everything.

We love you Fionn to the moon and back again. Thanks for the first year of memories Fionn here's to many more.

We once again would like to thank the SCI for all their hard work and dedication to their jobs. Thanks for helping us complete our dream.  Also we want to thank our Special SCI friends we have made. You all have been a lifetime saver to us, with your help, support and love. But most of all your FRIENDSHIPS. Fionn has made some very very special friends.

We would not be where we are today with P, she has changed our lives and we will be ever thankful for her and God for bringing her in to our lives. 
We think of you often her boys to, and wonder if she thinks of us. We pray that God will be good to them, and maybe one day allow our paths to cross again.

Thank you, thank you P.

Photos include fionn’s 1st party, Fionn supporting Ireland in the Euro's 2016, Fionn and Joseph 
(whom is a SCI baby to our very very good friends, permission given to use photo), finally Fionns first St. Patrick's day.

Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts.
Xxx hugs
Enda, Emily & Fionn Murphy

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