Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Twins - what would you tell prospective parents?

Given the recent flurry of twins and triplets at SCI, we thought it would be wise to share some of the wisdom from those who have brought their babies home.

We thank Nan from Australia who was very kind in sharing her thoughts along with these beautiful photos of her babies

"My goodness where do you start to talk about such a wonderful rollercoaster journey. As the IP of twins, life is about to become hectic I thought that I would keep this simple with a few thoughts after four months. I hope it helps.
·         If your twins are born early and are admitted to Delhi New Born; it’s a long way away. Drive there with Rahul or one of his drivers
·         Dr Gupta ( Delhi New Born) is a wonderful clinician and all babies admitted to his care are very fortunate.
·         Once discharged and you are still in Delhi hire a nurse around the clock. It will cost about 1000 INR for a 12 hour shift ( roughly $20). You can sleep and take advantage of the nurses calm experience. Ask them to teach you how to swaddle.
·         Stay at an apartment. You will be able to boil all bottles and have room to make a home for your family.
·         Tulip apartment in GK 1 was fantastic, comfortable roomy and close to where you need to be.
·         Get everything delivered; delivery is very cheap and makes like a lot easier.
·         Enjoy being in Delhi; when you get home you will weirdly miss it.
·         Buy some Indian colic medicine for babies its fantastic.
·         Buy some Indian panadol it is cheap and effective.
·         Buy the formula in bulk.
·         Take two phil and ted cocoons with you; they have been fantastic. My twins are still sleeping in them.

·         You can’t have too many bottles, bibs, and singlets, light muslin wraps for swaddling.
·         When you come home take all offers of help.
·         Sometimes one twin may have to cry for a moment when you are on your own and its twin is crying harder.
·          When you come home seriously consider getting a night nurse to help at least one or two nights a week. No sleep is a form of torture. In Sydney I used Dial an angel and they were fantastic.
·         Love your babies
·         Think about having some more "

Think of having some more?? Brave words from a Mummy blissed out on parenthood. We wish Nan and her family the choicest of God's blessings.

If you have a dream of having a family, please feel free to email us

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  1. As an IP of twins and a singleton (3 under 1) I agree with all that Nan has said. It is such a wonderful time and I agree 'think of having some more' is so appealing when they are so gorgeous. I too are blissed out and also offer the advice (need to listen to oneself more often) to try to rest when the babies do. It is tempting to rush around and do all the jobs that exist but Mumma's need to rest to keep up with the demands of our beautiful babies. Baby swings are a must when one needs to wait in turn for their attention. Life is truly wonderful.