Sunday 24 July 2011

Introducing Dr Shivani

For those of you who have yet to meet me, here I am talking with a video team about my infertility training and the love I have for my job. I have immense pleasure in helping people become parents and would not change what I do for anything.


  1. Hi Dr Shivani
    You are an amazing and inspiring woman! Thank you for just being you and the hope you have given all of us intending parents is priceless!

  2. Hi Dr Shivani,

    We thought we would never have a child until we met you. After years of trying to conceive in our home country we were thrilled to have a positive pregnancy result first go with your clinic. 24-weeks into the pregnancy we are impressed with the excellent service your clinic has provided- including fantastic communication.
    Great thanks to you and your team of professionals Dr Shivani.

    Jennifer and Eric

  3. hi Dr.shivani
    its great job from you and your dedication for this service is awesome . all the very best for you. thank you