Wednesday 12 May 2010

Baby Boom at SCI

SCI is experiencing a baby boom with aprox 50 pregnant surrogates at the present time, all due this year. There is nothing that pleases us more than helping people start or complete their families. To assist us in caring for large numbers of our treasured Surrogates, we have recently hired drivers and purchased cars to ensure a safe and short ride to and fro from appointments such as dietician appointments, scans, blood tests, obstetrician appointments, need for emergency care etc

Most of our clients prefer to remain anonymous, often choosing not to participate in Blogs or forums on the Internet. I was delighted to receive the best kind of email the other day, one from satisfied parents from the United States of America, with the following message and pictures. They have kindly given permission for me to share:

Hello Dr. Shivani! Thank you! They are really wonderful God-given gifts to us. We are very happy!

Here is a picture of Oliver and Alexis (a pigeon pair of twins) being held by our very experienced NICU Nurse Jija.

They came earlier than the due date and needed to spend a bit of time in NICU



If you believe that we can help you complete your family, please email us.


  1. What beautiful babies! Congratulations to the lucky mom and dad. Best wishes to the other intended parents, too!

  2. I'm next, I'm next!!!!

    This whole process can be really frustrating and difficult, but the end result is the birth of these wonderful children who would not be born if we weren't able to access surrogacy in India.


    Thank YOU INDIA!!!