Saturday, 24 November 2012

From Norway: Twins- what beautiful eyes...

Truls only wish was to become a father and through SCI, his dreams came true with the birth of Signe & Christian in early November.

"November 6th a dream came true, and I became a dad to twins!! A girl and a boy, and
their names are Signe Elvine and Christian Leander! My feelings are hard to put words on, but
I feel so blessed and happy:) The children are just adorable and healthy!

I have so many to thank thru the SCI. First of all, thank you dr. Shivani for your professional treatment.

I will also of course send my blessings to the wonderful surrogate and her family.
Thank you to all the staff at SCI that I`ve been emailing with. You have always
responded quickly on all my questions and worries:) (Neha, Rachna, Meenu and all the others...).

Than you so much Meg, for guiding me threw this process from the very beginning. Sorry, I don`t
have your email, but I`m still following your blog!

Best regards from

Truls F

We wish Truls, Signe & Christian the choicest of  blessings.

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  1. Congratulations!! I came across this blog since we're going through infertility issues (me!). I'm a male 33 yrs and wife is 36, so timing is of essence. Good luck to your family!
    Thank's & Regard's
    IVF Center in Uttar Pradesh