Sunday, 7 October 2012

From the U.S : SCI Family Reunion in California

One of the joys of surrogacy  with SCI, is watching what has been an on line community come to life when people are brought together in Delhi. This vibrant and supportive community allows for friendships to develop, and thrive with people from around the world or, more surprisingly around the corner from each other...

Dear Dr. Shivani,

This past weekend, we celebrated a Chinese tradition call a 'Red Egg' party, where family and friends gather to celebrate a baby's 100+ day birthday.

Everyone was enthusiastic to meet our guest of honor, who was a perfect baby boy throughout the entire 3-4hr gathering.

We were delighted that many friends and relatives could make it, but the highlight was reuniting with Adrian/Jason, Rob/David, and their precious babies at the party, all of whom we met during our time at in New Delhi. So lucky are we to associate Ethan's Red Egg party with our 1st SCI Family reunion.

Attached are photos of our 3 families together. The one with everybody is my favorite one.
In this photos, Ethan is 4 months, Kimaya (Rob/David's daughter), Olivia, and Clara (Adrian/Jason twin girls) are all ~5 months. I'm happy to report all babies are health--making baby sounds, engaging with their parents, and improving their motor skills.

I hope these photos will express to you how much we appreciate SCI's efforts when your team cared for our surrogate mothers and babies. Without your help, this celebration and other precious memories may not have been possible.

We have more photos and words describing the party at
Ethan's Red Egg post from our blog. Please take a look at your leisure to celebrate with us.

Feel free to share the contents of this email and photos on the SCI blog so that others can share the joy of each families' baby reaching the 100+ days milestone.

John and Michael

We wish all these special families the most joyful of blessings and wish them well in the coming years...

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  1. How precious!!! I can't believe how much they have all grown!! I love the Red Egg 100th day birthday party theme!! So great to see an update on all of you guys!! Congrats on your beautiful babies!!