Saturday, 21 January 2012

From Australia: a family completed with the help of a Cryo - shipper

It gives us great joy in helping families both start and finish their families.

With this wonderful family, treatment started in Australia with IVF and was completed in Delhi when their precious embryos arrived in a cryo- shipper. We are so pleased that we are able to help achieve their dream of having two children to complete their family.

"Dear Dr Shivani & your wonderful team,
We are eternally grateful to you for helping us to complete our family.
When we had our amazing daughter 21 months ago we never thought we would have the chance to have another child.
You have made this possible.
Through wonderful Megan we found you & thanks to you both & our amazing surrogate we have a beautiful son to complete our family.
The never ending help of your team, especially Megan, Margarida & Rachna have made this journey a lot easier being so far away.
SCI will always be in our hearts, you do amazing work.
Our eternal gratitude & appreciation
John, Denise, Sara & Kieran LoPresti"
This is one of many families from around the world who have trusted us with their precious embryos and now have  babies.

If you want further information about shipping your embryos to Delhi, to start or complete your family, please contact us, 

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