Saturday, 21 December 2013

Big Kid Update: From the U.S, reminding us dreams come true (Edward & Paul)

Another big kid update from the U.S

In 2009 Paul and I stepped into the world of Indian surrogacy as naïve, hopeful ‘intended-parents.’ We knew with certainty that we wanted to have children. However, we did not know how profoundly our world would change after we handed over the keys of our hopes and dream to Dr. Shivani.

Frankly, our naturally embedded cynicism tinted our view and demanded that we remained skeptical that this could really happen. Could it!?!?

Alas, in the middle of September 2010, our girls began their untimely, early debut. Slightly before 1:00 AM, my phone rang with a call from the other side of the planet. I was in a deep sleep but was jarred awake when I saw the caller ID said ‘Dr. Shivani.’ My heart skipped a beat. She simply said, ‘Congratulations Edward, you are a father!’ With those simple words, life was changed forever. I woke up Paul and we sat in a dazed stupor of surreal disbelief. We were unsure of what to do next. It was impossible to return to sleep in the quiet of the night. And yet there were 8,000 miles between us and our daughter. For the rest of that night, I sat in our freshly painted nursery staring at a grainy image of our perfect little girl….crying, smiling, and crying some more.

Eight days later, two more girls completed our trio and forever changed every moment of our lives since.

After an 18 hour plane ride, we arrived in Delhi in the middle of the night. Immediately, we took a taxi to the hospital and had the driver wait with our bags while we clumsily sprinted up the stairs in search of the nursery. I knocked on the door and tried to explain to the night nurses - who did not speak my language - that I was here. WE WERE HERE!!! We took off our shoes and walked in. That was the exact moment….the beginning of the most extraordinary phase of our life.

We were parents to 3 glorious girls!

It has been three celebrated, exhausting, momentous, and hilarious years since. Our girls continue to surprise us with burgeoning personalities filled with talkative curiosity, sobering competitiveness, and an unquenchable quest for having fun.

There is not a singular day that goes by that we forget to take a moment and acknowledge the journey that our surrogate mothers made possible. Additionally, we remain in eternal gratitude to Dr. Shivani and her team for delivering our dreams safely into our arms. We are forever connected to these women as well as to India.

In reality, there is no way to adequately express our appreciation with the hollowness of mere words. Our girls have made every color brighter….every day more special…and every new memory sweeter.

Merry Christmas from all of us….

Dreams DO come true!  Believe! 

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