Friday, 22 April 2011

Our newest American Family - as described by them " Extremely happy clients from New York"

We were all touched to receive this beautiful card and photograph from this proud family. As seems to be the tradition, the family came to our office and the baby held by all. A lovely baby, a wonderful family. Life's blessings do not get richer than this.

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Dr. Shivani,
There are times in one’s life that God turns extraordinary people into extraordinary Angels for brief moments. How blessed are XXX and I that we encountered you at one of your many moments of being an angel. You bestowed upon us a wonderful blessing from God and we want to say thank you, thank you, so very much.
You share your gift with so many others which shows the depth of your soul. You are truly a wonderful human being, who just happens to turn into an angel at various times to give blessings from God,


  1. Such a beautiful message.

    Thank you for sharing

  2. Congratulations, we hope to emulate this fine American family and have babies of our own when both our tours of Afghanistan is over.

  3. I am not much of an emotional person, but these words really moved me. Congratulaions!

  4. What a pleasure it is to know you both, to take this journey together, from the first days in India, it has has been a wonderful emotional experience. Joseph is just gorgous and what wonderful parents he has. Congratulations and remember the first birthday invititations lol :) Love & best wishes Mark & Wayne xox

  5. Such beautiful words! God bless you all!!!