Monday, 20 September 2010


It is with great joy for all of us at SCI, that we celebrate the new arrivals for some of our Blog families, those who so generously share their stories with all of you:

"Out of India"

"Faith to Vishwas" and

"the Christmas Eve boys"

have all celebrated the safe arrival of 2 beautiful girls and 2 handsome boys into the world. To paraphrase TJ, who so wisely states the miracle of of life that will bud in Delhi and blossom in the United States of America.

And of course we cannot forget the arrival of the latest little Australian, 'Theo', our third handsome boy, whose parents are from "BT JR - the Becoming Tour. "

It is our greatest privilege to see our nursery filled with babies from across the world. May God give them all the choicest of blessings.
If you wish to find out more about a parents experience of surrogacy with SCI in Delhi, please take the time to read these amazing stories.

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