Sunday, 27 October 2013

From Canada : A beautiful baby boy and our dream come true...

"Choosing the Surrogacy Centre of India (SCI) has proven to be one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my entire life.   Margarida, my SCI contact/representative, was instrumental in guiding my partner and I to start the journey in fulfilling our dream to become parents.  Fourteen months later, my partner and I are proud fathers of our beautiful baby boy. 

Prior to becoming clients with SCI, my partner and I endured an agonizing year of consecutive failed fertility treatments with another fertility clinic in Mexico.  After the 5th failed embryo transfer, we decided to completely change our strategy and find another fertility clinic.  This is where I found SCI’s website and started to research Dr. Shivani and her amazing team at SCI.  I decided to email SCI and I was surprised to receive a quick response from Margarida.

Margarida, a past client herself, was able to provide us real information based on her “first hand” experience.  She was very knowledgeable in IVF and was able to provide us with all the answers to our million questions. Her exceptional customer service and professionalism put SCI on top of the list.  Margarida worked for us and always had our best interest. Although she represents SCI, she never tried to sell, promote or sway us in doing anything.  She simply was our main contact throughout the whole process.

She aided us in finding our egg donor and surrogate. She provided ongoing support throughout the pregnancy.  We knew that we could always count on her for guidance and an honest answer.  Looking back, she made an already easy process even easier. 

Equally impressive was the whole functionality and professionalism of SCI and the amazing support staff that made a very scary process feel safe and promising.  They have exceptional organizational skills and customer service especially for those patients, like me, who are foreigners.  I was also very impressed with the clinic itself.  It was beautiful and very clean.  The staff was very professional.  The medial team’s expertise is completely trustworthy and I felt like I was in a clinic back in Canada

They provided all of the contacts for services required for our stay in India and bringing our baby home. I wholeheartedly recommend SCI to anyone who needs their valuable service.  

Words can not describe how happy we are.  Margarida and Dr. Shivani’s outstanding team at SCI answered our deepest hopes and dreams. Dr. Shivani and her husband/business partner Dr. Vishal Gour are a “God-send”.  We are forever in debt to SCI, our egg donor, our surrogate and to India itself.  They gave us our perfect little boy who we love more than life itself. They gave us the power and happiness that is family.   God bless SCI!  

Yours Truly,

Rondinelli Family"

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