Friday, 19 October 2012

From Australia: A Daddy is born

There is something special in being able to help a man reach his dream of parenthood, after being told he would never be a Daddy...

Baby Antonio - 2.9 kgs of bliss

Dear Dr Shivani , Dr Vishal and to all the great staff at Sci Healthcare,

Thank you very much for helping me through out this journey , i had some personal  highs and lows to deal with, thanks for making me feel comfortable and giving me your undivided support ; at all those though times you guy's where there for me - especially  Margarida &Meg.
After being told i would never be a Dad from several  IVF clinics in Australia, i never expected this. I have really enjoyed this special time of my life. a problem free pregnancy and all the staff at SCI Healthcare & Dr Shivani to share this life changing experience with.

Thank you - You have filled my life with love and so much happiness,

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