Saturday, 20 October 2012

From Australia: the Aussie baby boom continues...

The Australian baby boom continues with the birth of Sophie ...

Dear Dr Shivani, Dr Vishal and the amazing SCI team,

my journey to complete my family with the birth of Sophie Roma Douglas has been amazing. Something that I though would never be possible, is now a reality.

Dr Shivani and her team guided me every step of the way, with the untiring support in Australia from Margarida, John and Meg (two very dedicated Women and one very understanding Husband).

I would like to thank my Donor and Surrogate for the gift of life they have blessed me with and I hope that my Surrogate will continue to be a part of Sophie's life journey.

As a single parent now for the second time, I may not have found my life partner but I have my own family now with wonderful family support and friends. From the moment Sophie's little fingers wrapped around mine, my lifes journey became so much richer.

Thank You

Peter and Sophie

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