Wednesday, 22 February 2012

From Australia: welcome to the world, Emmeline & Vivian

It is with great joy that we welcome to the world to new little Australians, Emmeline & Vivian . We will let their words tell the story:

"Dear Dr Shivani,

Naturally this has been an one of the most amazing journey's in life my wife and I have embarked on to date. Meeting Dr Shivani for the first time, although it very brief was an encounter that I will never forget. Having meet thousands of people throughout my life I can truly say that from the very first encounter with Dr. Shivani I was in awe of the amazing aura she has about her. I have honestly never come across anything like it before.
We have been totally at ease and trusted her advice and knowledge throughout the whole of this outstanding journey.
Naturally words can only go so far as to thank you and your team for gifting us our wonderful daughters and welcoming them to this world on Valentine's Day was the icing on the cake!
Our family is complete and our beloved Cocker Spaniel (Kenny) who has more love to give than anything I've ever seen awaits for us all to arrive back home in Perth with tail waging vigorously.

Simple put, thank you so very much Dr Shivani and may you help many other people with your magical "Aura"!

Many thanks forevermore,

Ben, Suzanne, Emmeline, Vivian & Kenny (the Cocker Spaniel)"

We wish Ben & Suzanne the choicest of blessings.

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  1. Beautiful and Ben is right about Aura!

  2. During our very first meeting, we also found that Dr. Shivani had a charismatic personality and an aura about her. Such a joy to see another family completed!

  3. well done guys, so glad it all worked out!!!!!!!! Enjoy and hope to see you again sometime.

    Sam and Phil