Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Home in 11 days, great news for U.S citizens with SCI

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This makes what we do all worthwhile, another happy family. May you all receive the choicest of blessings

"We are thrilled with finally having a family. I was skeptical from the beginning and had many questions and and bit fearful something would go wrong or someone would take advantage of us. We hear so many horror stories about clinics and things in the world. We are happy to say Dr. Shivani and her team left us with a feeling of gratitude and contentment. We would recommend Dr. Shivani and her team (Megan and Margarita were invaluable to make the process smooth and less worrisome- thank you girls!) to anyone. We are so happy!

As for the pick up timing- We were in Delhi from April 30th to May 11th. 11 days! I think that is record time. What helped tremendously is the lawyer Mr Chawla. From the passport to Visa we had everything done in 5 days. We had already made an appointment with the American Embassy (Jan Dabney helped get that appointment) to get the passport, Mr Chawla and his wonderful team got the birth certificate and the Visa in about 3 working days after that. Australia takes weeks and England takes months so we feel very lucky!

Thank you Dr Shivani! We have the greatest gift that can be given because of you, a son, a family. For us, nothing is more important and can make life more full and meaningful.


  1. that is brilliant we are from the uk and hoping it dosent take to many months!! you have a wonderful time with your new baby he is so cute!!
    best wishes
    lisa x

  2. Dear Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, Dr Vishal and to all the great staff at Sci Healthcare,

    Thank you very much for helping me through out this journey , i had some personal highs and lows to deal with, thanks for making me feel comfortable and giving me your undivided support ; at all those though times you guy’s where there for me - especially Margarida &Meg.