Saturday, 27 February 2010

January and February have been busy months at Surrogacy Centre India.

I am proud to announce the establishment of my two new offices in Delhi NCR with a support team whose aim it is to meet the needs of all the clients of SCI.

Due to the the care and diligence of my recruiting staff we have more than 65 screened egg donors for Intending Parents to choose from. These are a mix of new and experienced donors, so that IPs will be able to see the results of previous egg collections when possible. We have listened to IP's concerns with regards to not knowing if their baby has a half sibling in the same country and therefore we are committed, as far as possible, our donors donate once to any country. For those clients who wish to have a Caucasian or other race donor, we recommend only one egg donation agency, Global Egg Donors.

We understand that for some IP's academic excellence is an important characteristic when choosing an egg donor. We are particularly proud of the establishment of our Premium Egg Donor Service in which women who have studied at prestigious Delhi universities have kindly agreed to become Egg Donors.

Our clients

In the past two months we have helped more than 20 families become pregnant. Some families come through LGBT networks and word of mouth, many believing they would never have the opportunity to have children of their own. We have intending mothers who have survived cancer and had hysterectomies, others with significant histories with IVF procedures in their own countries and others who had resigned themselves to being childless after being confronted with the significant waiting time for adoption in their countries. We have had successful outcomes for many of our families who have chosen to self cycle in India.

Our staff
We welcome our new concierge service, Dolly,

and Shilpi,

who assist our clients with accommodation and travel in Delhi, and travel to and from medical appointments. They are on hand to assist our clients discover the charms and delights of our vibrant city. Welcome also to Gourav, who has recently started as our accountant:

and Laxmi, my very able Secretary who will be key in forwarding copies of all results and scans to intended parents and can be contacted when I am not reachable in surgery/ consultations.

Our aim, as always, is focused on you, our clients. We can begin your surrogacy treatment in as little as two weeks. If you believe that we can help you, please feel free to contact us and ask all your questions.


  1. Wow, you have been busy, Dr S. Thank you so much for looking after us so well.

    I'm so pleased to meet your new team members.


  2. As one of the women who is unable to have my own children due to a hysterectomy but who is now expecting twins, I want to thank you, Dr. Shivani, from the bottom of my heart for your care, patience, dedication and hardwork. I look forward to meeting your new staff in person when we are there picking up our two babies in September. Blessings!

  3. We were one of those couple who knew i couldn't carry a child. We were horrfied to discover that there were only 270 international adoptions done last year in the whole of Australia, with a waiting list of 5 -7 years!
    Thanks to you and your team, we now waiting to see if we are pregnant. We can't thank you enought,

  4. Thank you Dr Shivani, Shilpi, Dolly and all the team of Doctors and specialists that are looking after my beautiful children

    Words are not enough to show how grateful i am for what you have done for me and what you continue to do for me and my precious Eros & Elektra

    lots of love and warm thoughts
    George, Elektra & Eros